المهام والمسؤوليات

Warehousing and Logistic Management\r\nAccountability Warehouse as listed Below Ensure Smooth Materials Movement: \r\n• On time distribution of POS for technicians. \r\n• Daily issuance and receiving of materials.\r\n• Daily reporting of the issuance and receiving of the items. \r\n• Daily report of the pull out terminals sent by team leasers. \r\n• Stock Receiving.\r\n• Material Request for Purchase.\r\n• Stock Reconciliation.\r\n• Stock Forecasting.\r\n• Stock Projection.\r\n• Team Handling.\r\n• Ex-employees/new employee’s items. \r\n• Involved in reconciliation of physical stock with the stock in the system.\r\n• Undertake the function of stock taking and confirm the periodic stock on a regular basis by working closely.\r\n• Ensure offloading process, the subsequent arrangement of material, etc., and consignment so that it can be accessed and identified easily.\r\n• Engage in the forecast of supply and demand to obtain information useful in improving the continuity of supply chain.\r\n• Carry out stock management operations in line with set policies and procedures.\r\n• Weekly report of on hand stock POS terminals for all kingdom. \r\n\r\nPolicies and Procedure\r\n1. Ensure compliance on policies related to Issuance, receiving and storage.\r\n2. Design, monitor, and maintain a safe working environment through compliance of safety policies.\r\n3. Ensure adherence to Safeway policies, procedures and practices.\r\n4. Removing hazardous products from the warehouse.\r\n5. Ensure all documentation and filling are done in a timely manner.\r\n\r\nTeam Building and Training\r\n1. Supervise warehouse and Fulfillment teams in a unionized environment.

المهارات المطلوبة

1. Leadership skills.\r\n2. Management skills. \r\n3. Decision making and problem solving skills.\r\n4. Computer Skills.\r\n5. Communication Skills.